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= Rodeløkken café =
= Rodeløkken café =
{{#coordinates:59.9140171|10.6906006|name=Rodeløkken café}}
{{#coordinates:59.9140171|10.6906006|name=Rodeløkken café}}
{{#coordinates:|59.9140171|10.6906006|name=Rodeløkken café}}
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[[Kategori:IFLA 2019]]

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Bygdøy is a large, green peninsula with a rich history as a recreational site and close to the city centre.

Bygdøy was one of the first areas in Oslo that was preserved for the recreational purposes. The peninsula

has been a "recreational landscape"; for the city's population not only because of its nature but also the

location of Royal family`s summer house. Today Bygdøy is a very important area for Oslo's population. In

addition, it hosts important museums presenting the cultural heritage of Norway. It gives the citizens the

possibility of experiencing both historic and todays landscape.

The area contains a royal manor and a baroque garden dating back mid-18th Century. A public park was

established in 1837, with restaurants, follies, viewpoints, a few monuments, beaches and numerous paths

for strolling. Bygdøy is also the location of the National Cultural Heritage Museum and the Viking Ship

Museum. Recently Bygdøy Public Park became a protected area by the Directorate of Cultural Heritage.

The tour of Bygdøy will show the historical layers and some of the many accounts of Norway’s cultural

history. It takes you from the royal summer sites to today's active recreation areas. The walk will show how

facilities in the landscape design meet today’s need without damaging the nature. A special destination in

bygdøy tour is visiting the Royal family’s summer house.


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Rodeløkken café

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